Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of printing techniques are used for custom printed leather products?
 Answer: The technique we use for custom printing is laser printing.
  • What types of graphics or designs can be used on custom printed leather products?
 Answer: Depending on the customer's preference, logos, text, patterns, images, or custom designs can be used on custom printed leather products. For example, company logos are commonly used for promotional products among custom prints.
  • Question: What is the durability and quality of custom printed leather products?
 Answer: When quality leather and professional printing techniques are used, custom printed leather products are generally durable and long-lasting. However, the maintenance and usage of the products can also affect their durability.
  • What are the prices of custom printed leather products?
 Answer: The price of custom printed leather products varies depending on factors such as the quality of leather used, printing technique, complexity of design, and order quantity. Custom printed products are generally slightly more expensive compared to standard products.
  • Question: How are custom printed leather products cleaned and maintained?
 Answer: Custom printed leather products are typically cleaned and maintained similarly to standard leather products. However, they should be cleaned carefully without excessive force to avoid damaging the print, and appropriate leather care products should be used.

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